Our Refund Policy at APRATECH Solutions

At APRATECH Solutions, we want to make sure our refund policy is fair and follows industry standards. We carefully assess refund claims to ensure that decisions are reasonable and agreed upon by both parties. Our policies are designed to handle various claims, arising from different needs and business situations.

What Our Refund Policy Covers

Our Refund Policy applies specifically to APRATECH Solutions’ approach to refunds. It doesn’t apply to companies or individuals we don’t own, control, employ, or manage. This includes third-party services, products, and websites linked to APRATECH Solutions’s websites.

When Can You Get a Refund?

When you have an issue with our services, we’ll first try to find a suitable solution. We involve our technical team and experts to evaluate your case. Refunds are only considered in extreme situations when the issue can’t be resolved.

For a refund, we review your case against certain conditions:

  • Development or post-sales work hasn’t started.
  • The project issues can’t be fixed.
  • You’ve followed our payment terms.
  • You haven’t used our information for personal gain.
  • Your reasons for a refund are valid and realistic.
  • You can demonstrate your UI design and development skills.
  • You’ve provided evidence supporting your refund request.
  • The claim isn’t related to a billing dispute with your bank or payment vendor.

Important Note: If any of these conditions are violated, your refund claim won’t be accepted. The refund decision is final.

How Refunds Are Processed


  • We process and analyze your refund request.
  • We check if it meets the necessary conditions.
  • Refunds are arranged when appropriate.


  • We signed an agreement.
  • You should delete all shared information and communications unless told otherwise.


  • Refunds may take 7-10 business days after the agreement is signed.
  • You’ll receive the refund in the currency you were charged in. If it’s not your native currency, your bank may charge exchange fees, or exchange rate differences may affect the refunded amount. Any fees or losses in this process are your responsibility.

Changes to the Policy

APRATECH Solutions may update this policy at any time without notice. It’s your responsibility to check for updates periodically.

For more information on our Refund Policy, contact us at officialapratech@gmail.com.com.